PhD Ljiljana B. Lazarević

senior research associate



Basic personality traits, measurement of personality traits, development of implicit tests for the assessment of basic personality traits and related constructs, relations of personality traits and schizotypy/disintegration



basic personality structure, implicit measurement, assessment of personality traits, personality traits and shizotypy-Disintegration



  • spring 2016-short term post doc stay at the Univeristy of Ulm, Germany, supervisors dr Oliver Wilhelm and Johannes Keller
  • spring 2015 – short term post doc stay at the Univeristy of Tartu, Estonia, supervisor dr Kenn Konstabel
  • 2012 Doctoral dissertation: “Relations between implicit and explicit measures of personality – Prospects of Implicit Association Test in assessment of basic personality traits”. Department of Psychology, University of Belgrade. Supervisor: prof. dr Goran Knežević. Members of the committee: prof. dr Brian Nosek; prof. dr Goran Opačić; prof. dr Dejan Lalović
  • 2007 Master’s Degree, Department of Psychology, University of Belgrade. Supervisor: prof. dr Goran Knežević.
  • 2006 Graduate diploma in Psychology, Department of Psychology, University of Belgrade



2008 – 2010 Scholarship of the Ministry of Education, science and technological development – scholarship for young scholars, doctoral students.



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WoS-ResearcherID – L-8779-2016





Psihološka istraživanja;
Zeitschrift für Psychologie;
Social psychology;
European Journal of Psychology of Education;
Frontiers in Psychology,
Learning and Individual Differences;
Psychological Reports;
Personality and Individual Differences;
Current Issue in Personality Psychology;
European Journal of Personality;
Scientific Reports.



2022 – Članica Inclusion, Diversity, Equity and Access Committee, Society for the improvement of
Psychological Science

2022 – Co-Editor of Special Issue of Studia Psychologica – Psychological roots of questionable health practices

2020 – Associate Director for Collaborative Replications and Education Project (CREP)

2020 – Member Research Data Alliance

2019 – Member of the editorial board of journal Europe’s Journal of Psychology

2019 – Co-editor of Special Issue of Europe’s Journal of Psychology – Irrational Beliefs

2018 – Executive Reviewer for Collaborative Replications and Education Projects (CREP)

2014-2017 Member of the editorial board of journal Psihologija

2014, 2015, and 2016 Chair of the Program Committee of the conference Empirical studies in psychology

2018-2021 Deputy president of the committee for science of Faculty of Philosophy, University of Belgrade

2015-2018 Member of the committee for student issues of Faculty of Philosophy, University of Belgrade

2012-2015 Member of teaching committee of Faculty of Philosophy, University of Belgrade

Lecturer at the Petnica Science Center:

  • 2013 – Winter seminar in psychology (22.02.-23. 02.2013),
  • 2014 – Seminar in Social sciences (19.04.2014).
  • 2016 – Winter seminar in psychology (26.02-29.02.2016.)
  • 2017 – Summer seminar in psychology (04-08.-17.08.2017)
  • 2018 – Summer seminar in psychology (19.08. – 22.08.2018)
  • 2018 – Autumn seminar in psychology (11.10. – 14.10. 2018).
  • 2022 – Summer seminar in psychology

External expert for the Institute for evaluation of the quality of education and Ministry of Education and Science, Serbia



Society for Ambulatory Assessment (SAA)

European Association of Personality Psychology (EAPP)

International Society for the Study of Individual Differences (ISSID)

World Association for Personality Psychology (WAPP)

American Psychological Association (APA)

Association for Research in Personality (ARP)

International Society for Research on Aggression (ISRA)

Society for the Improvement of Psychological Science (SIPS)


  • Lazarevic, Lj.B., Knezevic, G., Vukčević Marković, M., Međedović, J., Petrović, B., & Stankov, L. (2021). Militant Extremist Mindset among Refugees and People from Conflict and No-conflict Zones in a Host Country Manuscript submitted for publication. Preprint available at

  • Wagge, J. R., Hurst, M. A., Brandt, M. J., Lazarevic, Lj. B. Legate, N., & Grahe, J. E. (2023). Teaching Research in Principle and in Practice: What Do Psychology Instructors Think of Research Projects in Their Courses? Psychology Learning and Teaching.

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  • Knezevic, G., Lazarevic, Lj. B., Međedović, J. M., Petrović, B., & Stankov, L. (2022). The relationship between closed-mindedness and militant extremism in a post-conflict society. Aggressive Behavior

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      • 2022 - 2025: REASON4HEALTH Irrational mindset as a conceptual bridge from psychological dispositions to questionable health practices

        Rukovodilac projekta: dr Iris Žeželj

        Saradnici iz LIRA-e: Aleksandra Lazić, dr Danka Purić, dr Goran Knežević, dr Goran Opačić, dr Ljiljana B. Lazarević, dr Predrag Teovanović, dr Zorana Zupan, Marija Petrović, Marko Živanović, Milica Ninković, Petar Lukić, and Sanda Stanković

      • 2021 - 2021: Boosting EOSC readiness: Creating a scalable model for capacity building in RDM (POSETITE SAJT)

        Rukovodilac projekta: Nadica Miljković

        Saradnici iz LIRA-e: dr Ljiljana B. Lazarević and Nadica Miljković

      • 2021 - 2022: National survey of mental health related to COVID-19 pandemic: Multilevel analysis of individual and societal factors (POSETITE SAJT)

        Rukovodilac projekta: dr Nađa Marić

        Saradnici iz LIRA-e: dr Goran Knežević, dr Ljiljana B. Lazarević, and Milica Pejović-Milovančević

      • 2019 - 2020: PSA 006 Moral thinking across the world

        Rukovodilac projekta: dr Bence Bago, Institute for Advanced Study in Toulouse

        Saradnici iz LIRA-e: dr Danka Purić, dr Iris Žeželj, dr Ljiljana B. Lazarević, and Biljana Jokić

      • 2017 - 2018: Forecasting survey: Can you predict a study’s results just from looking at the materials?

        Rukovodilac projekta:

        Saradnici iz LIRA-e: dr Danka Purić, dr Iris Žeželj, and dr Ljiljana B. Lazarević

      • 2016 - 2017: ManyLabs5 (POSETITE SAJT)

        Rukovodilac projekta: Charlie Ebersole and dr Brian Nosek

        Saradnici iz LIRA-e: dr Ljiljana B. Lazarević, dr Boban Petrović, dr Danka Purić, dr Ana Orlić, Marija Čolić, and dr Iris Žeželj

      • 2016 - 2017: KAVIAR project (POSETITE SAJT)

        Rukovodilac projekta: dr Thomas Schubert, dr Janis Zickfeld, dr Beate Seibt, dr Alan Fiske, and dr Johanna Blomster

        Saradnici iz LIRA-e: dr Ljiljana B. Lazarević and dr Boban Petrović

      • 2016 - 2018: Narcissism(s) and self-esteem(s) in cross-cultural context (POSETITE SAJT)

        Rukovodilac projekta: dr Magdalena Żemojtel-Piotrowska

        Saradnici iz LIRA-e: dr Boban Petrović and dr Ljiljana B. Lazarević

      • 2016 - 2017: The Human Penguin Project (POSETITE SAJT)

        Rukovodilac projekta: dr Hans I. Jzerman, dr Ilker Dalgar, dr Siegwart Lindenberg, dr Sophia Weissgerber, and dr Thomas Pollet

        Saradnici iz LIRA-e: dr Ljiljana B. Lazarević and Marija Čolić

      • 2016 - 2017: The ManyBeds Project: Co-Sleeping around the world (POSETITE SAJT)

        Rukovodilac projekta: dr Lotje Hogerzeil and dr Hans IJzerman

        Saradnici iz LIRA-e: dr Ljiljana B. Lazarević and Marija Čolić

      • 2015 - 2015: Cross-cultural Thinking Enjoyment project (POSETITE SAJT)

        Rukovodilac projekta: Nicholas Buttrick

        Saradnici iz LIRA-e: dr Ljiljana B. Lazarević, dr Goran Knežević, dr Boban Petrović, and dr Ana Orlić

      • 2015 - 2015: Effect of badges on Availability of Data and Materials (POSETITE SAJT)

        Rukovodilac projekta: Mallory Kidwell and dr Brian Nosek

        Saradnici iz LIRA-e: dr Ljiljana B. Lazarević

      • 2015 - 2018: Stability and relevance of Disintegration

        Rukovodilac projekta: dr Goran Knežević

        Saradnici iz LIRA-e: dr Goran Knežević and dr Ljiljana B. Lazarević

      • 2014 - 2017: ManyLabs 2 project (POSETITE SAJT)

        Rukovodilac projekta: Richard Klein, dr Kate Ratliff, dr Michelangelo Vianello, and dr Brian Nosek

        Saradnici iz LIRA-e: dr Ljiljana B. Lazarević, dr Goran Knežević, dr Boban Petrović, and dr Janko Međedović

      • 2014 - 2015: Reproducibility project: Psychology (POSETITE SAJT)

        Rukovodilac projekta: dr Brian Nosek

        Saradnici iz LIRA-e: dr Goran Knežević and dr Ljiljana B. Lazarević

      • 2012 - 2012: Development of the LIWCser dictionary (POSETITE SAJT)

        Rukovodilac projekta: dr Jovana Bjekić

        Saradnici iz LIRA-e: dr Goran Knežević, dr Jovana Bjekić, dr Ljiljana B. Lazarević, and Marko Živanović

      • 2011 - 2017: Identifikacija, merenje i razvoj kognitivnih i emocionalnih kompetencija važnih društvu orijentisanom na evropske integracije

        Rukovodilac projekta: dr Goran Knežević

        Saradnici iz LIRA-e: Aleksandra Lazić, dr Aleksandar Zorić, dr Danka Purić, dr Danka Savić, dr Goran Knežević, dr Goran Opačić, dr Iris Žeželj, dr Lazar Tenjović, dr Ljiljana B. Lazarević, dr Predrag Teovanović, dr Zorana Zupan, Jelena Vujičić, Marko Živanović, Milica Ninković, Petar Lukić, Tatjana Vukosavljević-Gvozden, Borjanka Batinić, and Sanda Stanković

      • 2009 - 2009: Project Implicit Serbia (POSETITE SAJT)

        Rukovodilac projekta: dr Brian Nosek

        Saradnici iz LIRA-e: dr Ljiljana B. Lazarević, dr Goran Knežević, and dr Iris Žeželj